• What You Get

Working with Bryan, you get a safety expert as a resource inside your team.

Your Takeaways

When you work with me, I owe you some takeaways:

  • A methodical approach to safety
  • Risk-based thinking to make safer decisions
  • Better conversion of your valuable time and effort into safe performance
  • Practical safety processes
  • Ability to influence how safely people work
  • Confidence and fewer injuries

Your Experience With Me

My aim is to deliver a valuable experience:

  • Safety becomes easier to apply
  • A focus on a safety processes
  • Practices and checklists to guide your people
  • Reality checks to verify safety
  • Risk-based thinking beyond compliance
  • Mentoring to improve and get better at safety

Your Interaction With Me

Here is how I collaborate with clients:

  • You’ll choose to meet with me weekly, every other week, or monthly.
  • You can contact me by phone or email when something comes up.
  • My consulting style is mentoring.
  • We work together from a plan.
  • You’ll have access to my status board for your organization.
  • You’ll find me a direct, respectable communicator.

Oh, and I’m passionate about teaching people how to work safely!