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Is your safety program falling short?

Getting your employees working safely involves more than copying a safety manual from the Internet and showing a few safety videos.

A system of well-functioning safety processes can be a jet engine that powers safety performance inside your business.

Safety processes integrated into daily routines and work tasks are especially effective for controlling hazards and reinforcing safe behaviors.

Protect your employees with the right safety processes

Do you know the safety processes that can get your employees working safely?

Getting your employees working safely doesn’t happen by accident. It happens by implementing the right combination of safety processes, which we can scale and customize for your business.

Achieving better safety outcomes, like fewer employee injuries,  correlates with well-functioning safety processes.

Selecting the right safety processes and executing them consistently can have a big impact on safety performance.

We divide safety processes among the five functions below. When we covert your safety effort into these core functions, safety becomes proactive- preventing injuries before incidents happen.

Here are the five functions of safety processes:

  • Strategy

    Choosing the right combination of safety processes can help you become proactive, learn how to manage safety, and follow-through with safety every day.

  • Planning

    Setting goals, preparing an improvement plan, and customizing safety processes for your operations can take you leap years ahead with protecting employees.

  • Management

    When managers learn how to apply safety processes consistently, they create a safety engine that powers safety inside your operations.

  • Safe System of Work

    Often the missing link, your supervisors and employees apply safety processes that achieve a safety margin for every work task. That safety margin insulates employees against injury risk.

  • Verifications

    Verification is evaluating that your people are applying their safety processes and these processes are functioning well. Continuously improving safety processes makes you better at safety.

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Prevent Injuries

We know what safety processes work and how to implement them

Engage Your People

Companies who engage their people in safety experience 70% fewer incidents

Become Proactive

Control hazards and reinforce safe behaviors before incidents occur

Let’s improve your safety processes together

Hi, I’m Bryan Raughley.

Founder & Consulting Safety Manager

For the past 30 years I’ve been helping safety directors, operations managers, and executives, get their employees working safely.

Businesses who achieve better safety outcomes implement proven safety processes. You can implement safety processes customized for your operations, hazards, and work tasks. I can show you how.

I’ve worked with hundreds of people just like you, who are responsible for their employees’ safety. Implementing well-functioning safety processes makes a big difference. I’ve helped companies reduce workplace injuries to zero, lower workers’ comp losses 50% to 90%, increase their mean safe behavior rate to over 95%, get off the OSHA SST List, and win safety awards.

I grew interested in safety while working as a firefighter, where safety processes are critical. I earned an M.S. in Safety Management and a B.S. in Fire & Safety Engineering. I have data from over 600 safety assessments that correlate the right safety processes to better safety outcomes. I can show you how.

What You Get Collaborating With Us


Attend online modules, webinars, or live courses to learn how to implement safety processes.


Receive guidance and about how to implement safety processes and get them running smoothly.


Receive coaching, insights, and feedback via worksite visits and online collaboration.


A framework of safety processes that function together, forming a Safety Management System for your operations.


Evaluate your safety processes with a detailed assessment and scorecard to close gaps and monitor your improvement.


Access to guides, sample instructions, action plans, and checklists to implement and sustain safety processes.