Health and Safety for Galvanizing

We offer workplace safety solutions customized for galvanizing plants. Our injury prevention expertise includes hazard controls, a comprehensive health & safety manual, and safe work practices for:

Forklift Steel Handling
Overhead Steel Handling
Pickling and Chemical Handling
Kettle Dipping and Drossing
Kettle and Tank Changes
Zinc Recovery Ovens
Easy-to-Follow Lockout Procedures
Hazardous Work Control Permits
Noise Surveys and Impact Noise Reduction
Ergonomics and Biomechanics for Manual Steel Handling
Housekeeping and Organizing

Safety Training for Galvanizing

We offer high-impact safety training customized for galvanizing, including:

SafeTask® Supervision for Galvanizing Operations
Forklift Operator Safety Course for Steel Handling
Confined Space Entry for Tanks and Pits
Hazardous Energy Control
Hazardous Materials and Chemical Handling
Kettle Pump Outs
Kettle and Tank Changes
One Year of Weekly Safety Huddles for Galvanizing Crews
Galvanizing Safety Orientation for New Employees and Temps
Safety Qualification Checklists for Galvanizing Tasks
Emergency Response Team

Safety Implementation Made Easy

We offer a Galvanizing Safety Plan for galvanizers with 60 or fewer employees. You’ll save time, avoid frustration, and work towards implementing a best-in-class management system for safety.

Each month, you receive a implementation kit. The kit includes an action plan to guide you, instructions for the staff to follow, and the tools to apply.

You have access to:

  • SafeTask® Supervision for Galvanizing Operations, our system for operations managers and supervisors to take control of safety.
  • 30 management practices to build your own safety processes and management system.
  • 40 safe work practices covering covering routine and non-routine galvanizing tasks.
  • A pre-tasking process for preventing accidents during high-risk tasks.
  • High-impact authorized person training for forklift operators, lockouts, confined space entry, and hazardous materials handling.
  • One year of 15-minute weekly Safety Huddles for galvanizing crews.
  • A safety plan for kettle pump outs and kettle changes.
  • Webinars and coaching with Bryan, who knows safety implementation for galvanizing.
  • Onsite safety consultations and in-depth safety audits.
  • Support closing OSHA inquiry letters and findings.

A Galvanizing Safety Plan makes your safety implementation easy and professional.