What We Do.

We help people achieve their safety goals.

Reaching safety goals comes down to a key success factor: how well you implement safety on the frontlines of your operations and convert action into safe behaviors.

Success means a safety system should deliver safety margins, high-impact safety contacts, and a high rate of safe behaviors when people perform their work. That’s the bottom line.

SafeTask™ provides a methodology and skill sets that improves how a safety systems delivers these outcomes to frontline people. Once people know what combination of safety processes to implement and how with supporting skill sets, then safety takes off. That’s what SafeTask™ is all about – teaching people how to implement safety for their work tasks and increase their rate of safe behaviors.

Whether you attend one of our classes, become SafeTask™ Instructor, or work with us one-on-one, our job is to help you learn how to implement better safety margins and increase safe behaviors, so you can achieve your safety goals.

Trapped on the OSHA site-specific targeting list, this work site had a high injury rate and workers comp losses. They implemented SafeTask™. Proper safety margins. More safety contacts. Supervisors and employees engaged. Their rate of safe behaviors skyrocketed. Today, they win national safety awards for their exceptional safety performance.