What We Do

We assist organizations with improving their safety performance using SafeTask℠, our approach for making work tasks safer.

SafeTask℠ concentrates on the hot spot where organizations win or lose their safety performance. That hot spot is where people do their work tasks and encounter risk. SafeTask℠ makes work tasks safer for people, so organizations can achieve their safety goals.

A culture of safety boils down to people working safely around risk. The most fundamental challenge organizations face is to know: How safely are their  people actually working?

Many organizations look to their injury rates to answer that question. But measuring safety performance solely based on injury rates is a trap. It’s a trap because in order to measure an injury rate, an injury has to occur. By the time an injury occurs, it is too late to do something to prevent it.

Behavior-based safety avoids the trap. Instead of waiting to measure safety after-the-fact with injuries, it gives an organization the ability to proactively measure safety from people’s work behaviors as they go about their tasks. This approach yields data and insights to improve safety in real time before injuries occur.

SafeTask℠ offers a solution. It teaches people how to integrate behavior-based safety into a safety program or management system. It shows how to improve safety with better task design & planning, task execution, and verification –  all before injuries happen.

What SafeTask℠ does is teach the processes and skill sets necessary to increase safe behaviors above 90%, making work tasks safer. When a work team can increase its safe behaviors, then lost time injuries, injury rates, and workers comp costs decrease.

Whether you attend our classes, become a SafeTask℠ Trainer, or work with us one-on-one, our job is to help you learn how to make work tasks safer, implement safety with momentum, and increase safe behaviors, so you can achieve your safety goals.

Trapped on the OSHA site-specific targeting list, this work site had a high injury rate and workers comp losses.

They leveraged SafeTask℠ to make their work tasks safer. Their momentum improved and people at all levels engaged. The rate of safe behaviors skyrocketed, reducing injuries.

Today, the work site wins national safety awards for their exceptional safety performance.