What We Do

We implement workplace safety solutions to bring you better safety performance

What We Offer

Management System

A Management System for safety is a group of processes working together to control risk. We assist organizations with a universal set of safety processes.

Behavior-Based Safety

SafeTask® Supervision is our curriculum for behavior-based safety. It’s customizable and makes behavior-based safety easy for supervisors to apply their team’s work tasks.

Safety Training

We provide safety training that makes safety implementation successful. We offer safety management courses, authorized person and awareness training, and customized e-learning for safety orientation and safety huddles.

Trapped on the OSHA site-specific targeting list, this frustrated team had a high injury rate and workers comp losses.

We helped them turnaround their safety performance. A management system for safety and SafeTask® Supervision made their work tasks safer. Their engagement and momentum improved. The rate of safe behaviors skyrocketed, reducing injuries.

Today, this team wins national safety awards for their exceptional safety performance.