Public Speaking

  • Practical takeaways for attendees
  • Large loss case studies
  • Lessons that open minds & change safety viewpoints

Bryan Raughley speaks about changing the approach to safety systems. He speaks in the USA and UK.

Bryan has made over 200 presentations at conferences and public events. He has experience with audiences of 30 to 400 persons.

Presentation Topics

How to Succeed with a Safety System
A compelling presentation about what makes a safety system adequate, reliable, and resilient.

How to Forecast a Bad Accident
The five warning signs of an impending bad accident. Conclusions drawn from our research of ten major large losses.

How to Do a Task 10,000 Times Without an Injury
We share our expertise and data about how to set up a user-friendly safety system for people that can yield thousands of injury-free task cycles.

How to Turnaround a Safety Culture
The five key lessons for executives and leaders about how to turnaround an under-performing safety system to achieve better safety performance. The lessons are taken from our engagements helping companies recover from severe losses or reversing high injury rates.

How to Manage Safety for Non-Routine Events
Non-Routine Events can introduce a big risk that a company is not ready to manage. We present our methodology that we have applied to over 70 non-routine events, showing how a safety system can flex and manage the risk.

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