Hands-on guidance and mentoring to improve your safety performance.

We offer five consulting roles to assist organizations with improving safety performance.

An Assessment evaluates a situation and identifies changes when considering how to improve safety performance. Our consulting role is Fact-Finder.

We offer expertise to perform assessments for five dimensions of safety performance:

  • Safety Culture
  • Management Systems
  • Behavior-Based Safety
  • Work Tasks
  • Non-Routine Events

We can quickly get to core issues and identify insights that organizations can translate into action plans. This way an organization learns not only what to change, but why and how.

A Safety Management Plan is an organizational action plan that defines how to improve safety performance.

Solving safety performance issues necessitates change, such as ending ineffective practices and launching new approaches.

A Safety Management Plan is a tool that converts a new approach into implementation goals and action plans. Whether our a clients intend to improve their safety culture, a management system, or how they make work tasks safer with behavior-based safety, a plan significantly improves execution for many reasons.

We offer a strategic planning workshop or a series of consultations that can help leaders, safety professionals, and operations managers triangulate solutions to safety performance issues.

SafeTask℠ Courses & Safety Training help people at all organizational levels learn processes and skills to improve safety performance.

Making work tasks safer with behavior-based safety and management systems requires people to apply processes. In many cases we see, safety performance significantly improves when people learn the skills behind a process.

We can help you select the right courses & safety training to enhance processes and skills. We offer learning solutions available as instructor-led, train-the-trainer, online, and blended learning options.

We can also customize SafeTask℠ content to optimize learning solutions.

Safety Excellence Team is a group of managers and supervisors who drive the implementation that improve safety performance.

Implementing change, such as new behavior-based safety or management system processes and skills, necessitates that a cohesive group lead the transformation.

We assist clients with implementing SafeTask℠ with a Safety Excellence Team (SET). SET’s can be set up to implement SafeTask℠ for a work site, entire organization, or both. We work with an SET facilitator to implement action plans for new practices, safety observations and data analysis, and monitoring ongoing safety processes.

Safety Verification assures that processes and safety margins are working as designed.

Verification plays a significant role in safety. In order for behavior-based safety and management systems to make work tasks safer, processes and skills have to work properly. Proactive organizations seek to understand the effectiveness of their processes and skills before accidents occur.

We offer Management Reviews, Performance Metrics & Data Analysis, and Auditing. We can apply these verification methods to help organizations continuously improve their safety performance.