I’m Bryan, the founder

I’m Bryan, the founder

Let me guide you about how to implement a safety system for work tasks

Bryan is the founder of the SafeTask® System and owner of Consulting Safety Managers, Inc.

Over the last 16 years, Bryan has helped safety managers, operations managers, and supervisors implement safety systems for work tasks. He’s trained over 17,000 persons.

After becoming a safety engineer, Bryan realized industry lacked a universal safety system for work tasks that he was accustomed to using as a firefighter/emt.

Bryan designed and validated the SafeTask® System to engage frontline people in their own safety, giving them a way to better prevent injuries.

Bryan studied safety in depth earning:
MS in Safety Management
BS in Fire & Safety Engineering

Bryan is fascinated by accidents. He reads and takes away as much as he can about causation and human error, passing the lessons onto clients in the SafeTask® System courses.