Managing Safety

Do you need better conversion of your effort into safety results?

If your organization needs to improve its approach for how to manage safety, then we can help. Most of our clients begin their safety improvement journey from one of three starting points:

  • A traditional safety program is not working for them or they have outgrown it.
  • A traditional safety program necessitates conversion to a management system to keep up with quality and operations.
  • They need their first professionally-prepared safety approach and practices.

At CSM we mentor organizations to achieve a proactive Safety Culture, implement a Management System for safety, and influence Safe Behaviors while people perform their work tasks.

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Workplace Injuries

Are you dealing with troublesome injuries and need a fresh perspective?

Injuries can be simple or complex to understand and solve. We spot and solve injury trends by applying safety engineering human factors to understand the causation. We’ve solved injury trends leading to improved injury rates and saving millions in insurance costs.


Are you facing pressure to make big changes with safety to improve safety performance?

A turnaround situation involves rapidly improving safety performance. The confidence of employees, customers, insurers, and regulators depends on it.

When safety performance becomes a concern or dire, it’s usually because the organization’s approach to managing safety is not fully converting effort into results. We can help you discover and implement necessary changes.

Here are some turnaround situations we helped solve.