Hey, I’m Bryan

Hey, I’m Bryan

Here’s a little about me

For over 30 years, I‘ve been a national safety consultant, insurance safety engineer, firefighter, and a husband and father. My role is to work inside organizations, helping protect people from workplace accidents.

I’ve helped safety professionals and operations managers implement management systems, trained over 17,000 persons, and supported leaders who sought a clear path to Safety Excellence.

Along the way, I designed SafeTask® to make behavior-based safety easy for supervisors to understand and apply to their work teams. It’s now in over 350 work sites, improving safety performance daily.

I’ve studied safety in depth by earning an MS in Safety Management and a BS in Fire & Safety Engineering, which included preparing a graduate thesis and passing a comprehensive exam. To this day, I still study accident case studies to learn as much as I can about causation for the benefit of my clients.

I want to help you and your people find success with safety. Take a look at our workplace safety solutions and connect with me.